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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Microphone Use 

Microphone Use
Group: news:alt.discuss.clubs.private.norvell_md
Date: Sat, Dec 9, 2006,2:26am (MST-1) From: (Don's Items)

Using a Microphone with WebTV Plus®

If you have a WebTV Plus®, you may have noticed the word Recording onthe left sidebar of your e-mail "Write" screen. If you see "Recording"on the sidebar, you may have a microphone input jack on the back of your unit. This is where you plug in the mic. (My current WebTV unit is the Philips Magnavox® Model MAT972A101. The mic jack is located between the printer port and the double-row of audio/video inputs.)

Note: The original Sony® Plus units do not have the microphone jack. It is possible, however, to use the mic of a camcorder or portable cassette recorder to accomplish audio WAV recordings.

The newer-generation Sony Model No.INT-W250 units do have the mic jack. Any dynamic mic should work, but "computer" mics will not. I do not recommend RadioShack microphone #33-3025A. There is a very noticeable and annoying 'buzz' in the background of a recording made with that mic. Best Buy carries the Sony Dynamic Mic (model FV-100) for around $10. Both the Sony and PM come with a 9'-10' cord. Radio Shack has a very good mic; part #33-2001. It costs $9.95, and comes with a 6-1/2-foot cord.

I strongly recommend that you have the power to your WebTV set disconnected from the wall outlet before plugging the mic or its cord into the back of your unit. (However, once you have it plugged in, you may leave it that way indefinitely!)

Here's how to use the "Recording" feature. With the mic plugged in, go to Write, (an e-mail) and choose Recording on the sidebar. You will get a pop-up screen with the words Play, Stop, and Record. The words Add to Message will be in the upper right hand corner. Choose Record by placing your yellow highlight box over the word "Record". With your mic in hand, tap the Return key once to begin recording. When you are finished recording, you can use the left arrow key to place the yellow box over "Stop", and hit the Return key to stop recording. OR.... I have found that you can leave the yellow box over the word Record and simply hit Return a second time to stop the recording process. (You are allowed 30 seconds of recording time, and a countdown timer is displayed on-screen.)

When you have stopped recording, use the left arrow key to move the yellow box to Play. By tapping the Return key, you can listen to a playback of the recording you just made. If you are not satisfied with it, just go back to "Record" and hit Return key again to begin a new recording! When you are satisfied with your recording, choose Add to Message at the top right corner of the pop-up screen, and your recording will be processed and placed on your outgoing e-mail. You may, at this time, type the text of your e-mail, or you can make the recording after you have written the e-mail. The choice is yours. It will appear as a speaker on your outgoing e-mail, and the person who receives your e-mail can click onto the speaker, and hear the recording you made! In fact,you may click on the speaker and listen to the recording for yourself. One word of caution: most AOL® users and many other computer users cannot receive attachments in e-mail, and therefore, cannot see the speaker or click on to it.

A 30-second recording will take up approximately 7% of a WebTV® recipient's incoming storage capacity. Fourteen such recordings, mailed to one WebTV® user, could fill up their mailbox, even if it was empty to begin with. Use caution, so you don't fill up their mailbox!

These WebTV help pages were created by Texxon on WebTV's Pagebuilder. To preserve them when he left WebTV, They were archived by DJ Mike
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posted by Rogi  # 2/21/2007 06:49:00 AM
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