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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Google groups & blogger logon 

Post to news:alt.discuss.clubs.public.webtv.technical.rick56fla hoping
for some help.

Zane said: "Google groups (works on both 'puter and webby), and Outlook
Express ('puter only). Both allow you to use a non-webtv addy to escape
the spam."

Ok, here's the problem. Google is now requiring a password to logon to
Groups & to Blogger. I can't do either from WebTV. I get redirected to
some junk about "cookies." They really mean my browser's too old. I've
tried every workaround I could. Mobile Google, source viewers to find
login links... you name it.

I've written half a dozen emails to both Google AND Blogger about this.
I can't write posts to my blog from Webtv and WebTV users can't post
comments. We can read the blog, though. But, since it's a blog about
MSNTV, it feels like cheating to write from a COMPUTER! LOL

I've made a workaround for posting from WebTV. I went in on the PC and
set the email posting device. I now have a blogger address to which I
can email posts which appear immediately in my blog.

This saves me a lot of hassle, as I was CCping everything I wrote in
alt.discuss & WebTV email and emailing it to my Hotmail account, so I
could CCp it again from the PC to post to blogger. See how complicated
that was?

But I couldn't have set up the email posting gismo without the pc.

How the heck are you accessing the Google groups from a webtv? or are

Burying the lead here: does anybody know how to get past Google's
refusal to make login accessible to our dinosaurs? sigh.

Best wishes from Rogi Riverstone


posted by Rogi  # 2/04/2007 08:12:00 PM
Testing !!.....from my MSNTV.
John E.: please stop spamming my blog. You've left SIX comments now, with very little information in them. You never stated which version of WebTV you are on, which upgrades you have, nothing.

I have to delete unnecessary comments, one by one. You're causing me a lot of extra work.

Just because YOU can post doesn't mean others can.

And you're affirming the stereotype that WebTV users are ignorant of netiquette, self aborbed, smart-assed luddites who have no concept of the internet or how one ought to comport oneself in another person's website.

If you don't stop, I'll be forced to remove the capacity for comments to this blog from ANYbody.

This has continued for 2 days now. Don't you have better things to do?
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