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Monday, January 15, 2007

What's an IRC? 

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What's an IRC
IRC: Internet Relay Chat
It's a format by which WebTV can easily link to real-time chat rooms.
Everybody types into the room, the text scrolls up. You get to have
real-time conversations with people.
The IRC I built will take you directly into the "room" of the Sunday
afternoon http://chat4tv.com chat. It's a bunch of friends, hanging
telling stories. We've been together about 10 years now. People have
actually gotten MARRIED in our chat rooms! Businesses have formed.
celebrated births and mourned deaths.
Chat4tv is owned by Laura Buddine, a pioneer in research on interactive
television (webtv and other platforms), where people connect to the
internet via their television sets.
Laura, or Dudette, as we call her, also owns and operates
http://net4tv.com which is a multitude of resources, including image
manipulation, sound files, people of color American History, and a
wonderful internet magazine called, "Net4tv Voice," for which I wrote
articles for several years.
In the last, several years, she has expanded yet another venture,
http://games4tv.com : a source of online games. She works diligently to
make these accessible to all platforms: webtv, webtv plus, msntv2,
computers, macs & apples. They also work for several, international set
top boxes, designed for cable tvs, particularly in hotel chains around
the world.
Sunday evenings, we chat from 3pm, pacific time, until about 6 or 7pm,
depending on who wants to stick around. We have a trivia game every
week. We talk about what's new in technological innovation, the impact
of it on culture, etc. It's pretty much everything, from geek to greek.
If you ever feel like meeting some of the NICEST people who ever owned
webtv, you could pop in one weekend. Some of these people have done
phenomenally innovative stuff, all of which they learned as regular
subscribers, not as corporate types with degrees in the field.
So, that's IRC. If you'd ever like to just practice chatting, shoot me
an email and I'll "meet" you in the "room" and we can go over all the
buttons, ok?

posted by Rogi  # 1/15/2007 07:42:00 AM
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