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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

to a developer of Blogger Mobile 

You're reading http://msntv.blogspot.com

blogger mobile

Forgive personal email.

Blogger used to be accessible to me on webtv. With Google IE 7.o
requirements, I can't post and webtvs can't reply to blogger posts. Our
browser is IE 3.0. I know. But we can't upgrade, and MSN has lost
interest in us.

I tried writing to your go@ address, to try a test post. No reply.

I'm SURE, with MINOR tweaking, your system can be revised so low-income
people on webtvs can blog!

WebTV subscribers are a resourceful lot, as we get little support from
MSN. We've discovered mobile eBay & mobile Google. They both work FAST
on webtv! Well, except I can't purchase a BuyItNow item.

I can promise product loyalty, if you can help us get access to blogger
and to Google groups, if you're able to direct me to the right people

We're not thrilled about our antique browsers. We're just doin' the best
we can, dude!

PLEASE help!


Rogi Riverstone

posted by Rogi  # 1/30/2007 09:52:00 AM
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