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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gates on ITV 

My post in news:webtv.help

This is a different platform than either internet or TV as they exist
today; it's rather a synthesis. It's not the same thing as what you are

Here's the news story I saw recently:

I heard Gates on Charlie Rose today. He wouldn't mention WebTV nor MSNTV
by names when he said [paraphrasing] "we had some experience with itv
several years ago." Charlie Rose chuckles, intimating that Gates has
complained about this to Rose, off camera.

He said the infrastructure: telephonic broadband, wireless, etc. weren't
in place then, and that's why these "experiments" were not successful on
a large enough scale (by MicroSoft's standards).

He's also very focused on the potentials of narrowcasting, rather than
broadcasting: targeted audiences.

Despite the fact that he didn't want to be associated in people's minds
with the names, WebTV or MSNTV, he DID SAY THIS:

[paraphrasing] People in the company have urged him to sell off the ITV
division of MicroSoft. They say it isn't making any money, that it isn't
advancing with current technologies, and that it's serving a VERY
LIMITED market.

To this, Gates' response is: we're keeping the ITV division,
essentially, until the last box dies.

Now, nobody else at MicroSoft sees the tremendous product loyalty WebTV
users have shown in the face of: corporate neglect, antiquated browsers,
hostility from PC users, website incompatibility, etc. But I infer from
Gates' statement that he recognizes it. I still don't like, respect or
trust the fellow, but I will give him that much.

posted by Rogi  # 1/31/2007 08:31:00 PM
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