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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Follow-Up on alt.discuss.politics.liberal flamer 

He did come back, after I emailed & posted the following:

DON't stop posting! Please.

What I would LOVE for you to do is create a real dialogue with other

You have a LOT to say!

I just refuse to read those freaks' posts. Sometimes, I'll reply to the
subject, but I DON't argue with them any more.

They're abusive and cruel. They're not there to LEARN anything!

Focus on what's GOOD! When you see something interesting, read it,
ponder it and respond to it as thoughtfully and honestly as you can.

We NEED each other! It's a LIBERAL newsgroup: one of the few left on
usenet, let alone alt.discuss. Let's nurture it and help it grow.

If we lead by our own examples, maybe other liberals will return. Then,
we'll have more community and less pain.

I appreciate your zeal, honestly. I'm suggesting you focus it in
positive channels. Those bigots will drain you of every ounce of
courage, hope, compassion and love you have left.

Let's work to build something beautiful. I KNOW you can!

posted by Rogi  # 1/31/2007 08:39:00 PM
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