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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


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Subject : news:alt.discuss.politics.liberal
When I worked to get this ng started, I had really hoped it could be a
place for some thoughtful and serious discussion.

We had alt.discuss.politics and we had
alt.discuss.politics.conservative, but no .liberal. I felt that was out
of balance. Fortunately, enough voters, liberal and conservative,

I had hoped people could actually examine ideas, really look at them and
discuss them.

Unfortunately, the toxins of alt.discuss have infested this spot, too.
My experience is that you don't want to discuss. You want to battle,
shock, insult.

If you use the tactics of your opponent, how are you any different FROM
your opponent? I was hoping to meet some people who could agree to
disagree without these silly flame wars.
I've posted many, thoughtful articles in here. They're buried now.
Nobody saw them. Nobody commented.
There seem to be neither conservatives nor liberals allowed in this ng.
It seems to be only for lamers.

I don't blame the "rednecks." They live in a toxic, abusive atmosphere,
where conformity to the Law of the Bully is their twisted and inaccurate
measure of "success." They have abusive: fathers, gods, ministers,
presidents and bosses; they don't know any better. They're castrated and

They're sexually frustrated, emotionally insecure, poorly-educated,
insulated from the real world, wallowing in their middle class
privilege, smug and ignorant.

They delight in cruelty and pettiness. They don't care about -- and take
pride in -- inflicting suffering. And then, they'll call themselves,
"Christians." Their kind killed their so-called, "savior."

They'll never know what a joy life is.

As far as I'm concerned, they're a dying breed of psychological
cripples: gasping their last, fetid words; inflicting their final,
insipid damage; spreading the sickness in which they fester as best
their dried hearts can.

But I refuse to identify with someone who claims to be a "liberal," yet
resorts to the same tactics.

I have my own damage (as do they), thank you, which I must work (unlike
they) hard, every hour, to overcome. I'm tempted to act like them, sure,
and I have.

But, while it offers a temporary release from the pain, it doesn't heal
me. What I need is a conversation, based on logic, sincere concern for
human dignity, and actual knowledge of the issues.

I seldom see that in here. I certainly don't see it from these
reactionary bigots. But I also don't see it from you.

So, I must assume that you're only here for a flame war.
I feel more betrayed by you than by them.

posted by Rogi  # 1/30/2007 09:50:00 AM
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