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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

StarBlvd's TL2 is spying! 

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Man, after the Anthony Chu bull crud, you'd have thought this outfit would have tap danced 'til their shoes smoked to reestablish trust with its clients! WRONG!

For the last several weeks I have noticed that Manny at the T/L2 Forum is using a logging script to capture User Information and particularly the pages in your HISTORY. Note, if you go to the forum without logging out of your site the timestamped login information will be present in history and the logger would allow someone to use that information to gain access into your file manager and open your account information to see your password for future use. If you have visited the forums, it is advised that you change your passord ASAP.
Below is a copy of the script included in a message I forwarded to Tyhart.

From: "Willy Duitt"
Date: 8 Dec 05:07 (PST)
To: tyhart@xxxx.net

Subject: Notice: Manny is using a logger script at Transload Forum!

As a leading member of the WebTv community you may wish to know Manny has been and continues to LOG members info including history whenever you visit the forum. It should also be noted that Manny is NOT sanctioned by Tisnet. This is why he must request users to send him their account information. The WebTv/Transload Forum is just one of many which is hosted by Starblvd's. Check out the one I opened in the JAVASCRIPT category for testing the ability to add/change the forums codes and have you noticed Manny has changed the forum to PASSWORD PROTECTED without the ability to sign up?

He recently updated his LOGGER and changed the address the script is
at to another Angelfire site.

Below you will find the Codes from todays LOGGER script addy change.

NOTE where the javascript is placed on a line shortly after MR.CHU




Transload Forum Onenter form submit:


posted by Rogi  # 12/10/2003 02:44:00 PM
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