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Monday, December 15, 2003

Image Magick Composite Trouble! 

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Here's what I had to do to composite an image yesterday.

Take Image A to IM; place Image B on top; adjust parameters.

If not correct position, switch users.

Come BACK to IM and repeat, changing parameters.

I kept both images and IM in my email in-box, for quick access.

The problem SEEMS to be with our caches, not with IM.

I see problems elsewhere online with the cache lately. My "recents" don't show the page I'm on until it's completely loaded; my "recents" misses pages; my "back" button isn't working properly, particularly on cookied sites; etc.

It appears to be an MSNTV bug, not a fault with IM. But, if the MSNTV has permanently changed, the IM hosts might want to know, so they can script work arounds, if that's permitted by the originator of the script.

After twenty tries, switching users, I finally compositted my image!

I had a FEW problems with annotating, too, but was able to hit the "back" key pretty regularly and finish without switching users more than twice for two annotations.

It's very frustrating, but composing can be done this way.

It's not a "time out" problem; it's not a problem with the images. It's a problem with how MSNTV is accessing the IMs, I believe.
I REALLY wanted my Saddam Claus on Sunday, the DAY he was captured, so I was HIGHLY motivated to go through the hassle of switching users a bazillion times to finish him! LOL

Normally, I don't composite much. I have an annotate on my home page at http://rriverstone.com but even that is exceptional use of IM for me.

Annotate is a bit finicky as well these days. And I have the phantom picture problem as well.

They've done something to MSNTV "guts" recently; that's all I can figure, since users are reporting this problem across the board at all IMs. It's a cache thing, I think.

as I said in my post, this is occurring in all the IMs.

And even users who work incredibly quickly are having this problem, the first time they hit their "back" buttons.

It is not a "time out" problem.

posted by Rogi  # 12/15/2003 10:36:00 PM
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