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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Cookie Dump? 

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last night....I am just getting started, this morning.

Here are places I couldn't go or, once I got there, couldn't use:

or my bank!

I would click an "enter" or "submit" button, etc., and nothing would happen! The yellow box around the link would sometimes turn green, sometimes not.

The box wasn't "frozen;" I could press my "home" button, etc., and those would work.

But the buttons around form fields wouldn't work. It was, I believe, a "cookie drop." The sites didn't know who I was and were searching frantically to try to answer my commands, but weren't getting any info from me. I can't use a filemanager, for instance, if my cookies don't show I know the password!

They're up to something at MSNTV tech. WE don't get to know what it is, of course, because we're just the subscribers.

Has all the symptoms ...groan... of an "upgrade."

posted by Rogi  # 12/06/2003 07:50:00 AM
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