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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

My MSNTV Status Board 

Offer your feedback and comments at Rogi's Kitchen Table.

I'm trying to show samples of what I'm able to do with web site building, so maybe some sucker, uh, customer, will hire me.

I swiped this idea from somebody a loooong time ago. I can't remember who. HMS56 knows, but he won't tell me.

I gussied it up a bit and added some junk, but basically it's all a stolen idea.

But it's a good thing I did it, because the original phony status board seems to have bitten the dust. I can't find it anywhere!

WHat was broken was the javascript on the "done" button. It would only produce the first pop up in the sequence.

I finally found a script, after looking for a couple of hours, and fixing it my way for at LEAST another hour.

It was a pain in the garbanzos, believe me.

But the more I put out there, that people might actually post around the internet, the more likely someone will stumble across me and PAY ME for how not stupid I am! LOL

Rogi's Status Board. Computers, this won't look like anything to you; it's got graphics which are behind the MSNTV firewall, which I cannot copy into a format you can see. Sorry. But click the "done" button, anyway...

posted by Rogi  # 11/26/2003 10:34:00 PM
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