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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Benefits I Get From My MSNTV 

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I got a JOB from my MSNTV! Most of the articles posted here: Rogi Writes cost Net4TV Voice $25 each! I'd have done it for free, of course, because it was so much FUN! And Dudette KNOWS it! LOL...

But, when the dot coms crashed, she had to stop publishing, because investors were timid. sigh....

I have a puter; I FOUND IT IN A DUMPSTER! whoo hoo! it came with all the connections, speakers, a microphone, keyboard, games cdroms and some other stuff. I dragged it home in my cart. Dudette sent me a modem, but it was only 28k, and sooooo slow! I was on One Plan for awhile, but finally gave up on the puter, cuz MSNTV was so much faster, easier, less hostile, and familiar. Then, apparantly, a cat walked across the kbd or something, and some of the Windows95 files with which it came loaded got deleted or corrupted or something. So, it sits under my living room table, collecting dust.

Recently, I bought a gas powered scooter from eBay for less than two hundred dollars, including shipping. It's got a flat tire right now, but I can get a new one from eBay, as soon as I save enough money. The scooter means I can go out at night, drag home groceries in the trailer I fashoned for it, save bus fare, not wear out my legs, look for an offline job, and have a social life! I couldn't go ANYWHERE at night for ten years! I haven't been able to go anywhere since Wednesday this week, because the busses didn't run Thursday or Friday.

I couldn't buy a gas powered scooter in this town for under EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS! except a junky, little toy Pep Boys is selling for xmas!

And there are whole websites that teach me how to repair the scooter, my washingmachine (also trash), etc.

I REFUSE to sit up here in this slum, isolated, and act like a dang victim, just because it makes the smug feel comfortable!

posted by Rogi  # 11/29/2003 11:43:00 AM
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