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Wednesday, October 29, 2003


today, I finally gave up on bigfoot and went to subtledomains.com to buy a domain name.

Slick as poop thru a goose: twenty bucks for 2 years, they take paypal...what could go wrong?

as SOON as the payment cleared, I was directed back to subtledomains, with a message that said they had NOT (emphasis theirs) registered my domain name and that they had refused the payment.

Well, PayPal says they got paid. Money's gone from my account.

So.....fifty thousand unanswered emails to subtledomain later, I get a ONE SENTENCE REPLY, saying my domain is in my control panel.

MSNTVs don't HAVE control panels!

So, I wrote them and told them. No reply yet.

I also wrote Bert, over at zbox.com, to see if he could put it in HIS control panel, of HIS computer.


and now, cuz my money's tied up, I CAN'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE!

eat a bug!

posted by Rogi  # 10/29/2003 02:24:00 PM
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