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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

General Background 

I do all my work from an MSNTV...webtv. I am a webster, so I design web sites. I do a form of MSNTV art, called Table Art. I designed all my articles for net4tv.com Voice.
When we discovered we could place HTML code in our email signatures, we began teaching ourselves, and each other, HTML and other web design languages.

We have invented two art forms, specific to MSNTV only. It SHOULD be on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art! SERIOUSLY! It is a fabulous use of our medium, unique in history. Computers can't produce our art forms, nor even see them! We "hacked" the underpinnings of MSNTV, exploited some idiosyncrasies, and created something brand new in digital art.
We have had a "brain drain" in recent years.

Our best artists, hackers and tweakers are almost all on computers now. Many have discontinued their MSNTV subscriptions. But almost all still maintain friendly, supportive relationships with MSNTV subscribers. I still chat, email, etc. with former subscribers regularly. They still provide "help" and other websites online.

I do miss having the "old gang" behind the MSNTV firewall. They're not in the HTML newsgroups for MSNTV only any more, so I don't see them every day. I see them on Sundays, in a chat room.

We are a tight community. We have formed lifetime friendships, even marriages, as a result of MSNTV. We're loyal to each other.

It's unique: we come from all walks of life, yet we support each other and help each other.

Everything I've learned about: internet networking, web site design, online resources, tools, etc I have learned from my fellows on MSNTV units.

I still don't have an operating computer!

posted by Rogi  # 9/02/2003 09:02:00 AM
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