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Monday, September 29, 2003

Bandwidth Theft 

If u wanna "steal" someone else's pics w/out actually stealing band width, here's what I do: go see http://rriverstone.blogspot.com/ for example. That photo's from a friend who doesn't mind I swiped it.

BUT I ALWAYS link back, when possible, to my source:
go see: http://rogiandthegerman.blogspot.com for example

You can also link WHOLE WEBSITES this way! Make sure they're relatively small, tho, or ppl will think yer blog IS that website!

Look at http://dailyrogi.blogspot.com/ for example.
As I already said, I embed with a clickable link, back to my source. I don't just use a graphic (without permission) without giving credit and access to information about its source. Therefore, I am not stealing bandwidth; I'm promoting the web sites from which I'm embedding.

This is necessary for two reasons:

First, my MSNTV has no hard drive and I can not up- or download anything from it. I can transload, from one online source to another. Period.

I build web pages at: AngelFire, GeoCities, WTV-Zone and 250Free. Three of those hosts block sound and image files from being useful on any but their own web pages. So, even though I have accounts there, stored images/sound files won't function anywhere else. In addition, GeoCities has blocked FTP, so I can't even transload to them any more.

Secondly, I am extremely (by US standards) low income. That's why I'm using an MSNTV unit, rather than a computer. So I can't afford to webster pages at any hosts which are not free.

WTV-Zone is my only option. But my account there is under a different user name, and I don't use files from there under rriverstone (MSNTV people can't have anonymity, nick switching) to maintain the security of that WTV-Zone account.

In all incidences where I use embed tags, I do it to promote the site I'm embedding.

Once a post with an embed is archived, it will rarely be called up again, so won't permanently use bandwidth from the source.

Also, in the case of embedding whole web pages, that's a temporary thing. I place the web sites in my blog for a month, then I remove the post.

If I could do things differently, I would.

I like to display interesting content to my readers. I like to promote web pages which are interesting and useful.

I do not clutter up my blogs with cartoons, "cutesy" graphics, soundfiles (I have one, but the viewer must click on it) or other extraneous junk.

I know I can make my blogs visually interesting with text effects and tables. Both of these tricks make my blog visually interesting without slow loading.

Until I get a well paid writing job, and can pay for web site hosting, this is the best I can do.

And I ALWAYS credit my sources.

The one exception is the cat with the rifle on my http://rriverstone.blogspot.com/ blog,and that was a gift from my friend, Norma. It's not associated with a web site; it's stored in her image files, at one of her web hosting sites.
It's cool. I just wanted to make it clear that I try to be as responsible as possible with the limitations of this appliance.

Many MSNTV users are not. It's not their faults. Nobody told them different.

MSNTV offered tutorials to users on how to build HTML signatures for email and posting in groups.

They actually TOLD people how to direct link images. Now, we CAN use our own, transloaded images. And we now have our own web page hosting, PageBuilder. But it has awkward limitations (somewhere on my http://rriverstone.blogspot.com/ blog, you will find, "county fair foods;" that's a PageBuilder page. It uses templates. It's a pain! It was designed for use by people with no familiarity with HTML webstering. It loads slow.

People also direct link sound files. PageBuilder has no application for transloading sound files to it. Images, yes.

So, we MSNTV users have been stealing bandwidth from day one!

It was only OTHER USERS who began informing the rest that bandwidth theft was a serious issue, and must be avoided. They wrote tutorials and tools to assist MSNTV users in NOT stealing bandwidth!

We have a BAD reputation in the online community. I'm sensitive to that. I was concerned that someone reading this thread would see my post as just another example of what a flaky bunch of bumpkins MSNTV users really are! LOL

posted by Rogi  # 9/29/2003 09:18:00 AM
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