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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Award For Best Spam I Ever Got! 

This is either brilliant, evil or just demented.

I have no idea what product they were selling; it was a banner ad in the email. I was too busy reading this:

E-mail message

From: rrive@ATT.NET (Kedaywen)
Date: Sat, Sep 13, 2003, 1:47pm (MDT+6)

To: (me)

Subject: etiquette messiah

exchanges breached tangled metaphysical breadbox credits tantrum sculpted creditably meek accredited plump identity scores midway pourers bolometer melanin polyglot microcode teasel testament craven addressees bonnet amoco termite postal exclaimer bernie

$RANDO MIZE microfilms plumbate scuffle militant playroom sandstone cowry textile scolding scalings brawl hunched crabbing tearful tenements cremations hurts husk poker illegible explosive housekeep methodicalness excised crossway boulevards evidences saucers scuba adulthood

$RANDOM IZE banks telecommunications hypocrite agnew acquirable savory potentialities hovered mergers scorings cpu costumer bondholder secondary tapering sealevel sculpts anderson excommunicating breadboard cremations

[here's where the ad was]

maternally praiser evicts accesses acne hysteron scrawled boring teacup branchings couple counterparts taunter postmortem posers create potent posse theist tall astm blake polishes portico bracelet huntsman blenheim memories meningitis methodicalness

$RANDOM IZE then accessions polynomial adventist boughs scant merganser bloomfield explainable exhort hoping allis blackman covariant expeditious bogeymen adducted tastefulness exceptional acquisitive tasteful midweek screenplay exhibit hygrometer teenager mignon maudlin brad messiahs

$RANDOMI ZE creations boxers boutique metallurgy milliammeter hottest boil imagery humanely correlating pocketful coughs acerbic hydrodynamics bahrein schooling horsewoman seasons azerbaijan estimations scrawny


Bounced for headers:

http ://srd.yahoo.com/drst/scribing/*http://www.savebysubmit.com/ma/


posted by Rogi  # 9/13/2003 10:50:00 AM
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