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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Angela's Tool 

Angela has invented a tool by which MSNTV users can actually ~gasp~ easily search for charters of alt.discuss groups!
Angelaruth49's Charter Search

She had asked why MSNTV couldn't simply add a link to a group's charter on the sidebar of each group. The answer was that there is no one in Develoment who could be spared.

It's what, a ten minute job for a corporate super geek; five minutes for us lowly subscribers (if we could hack into the system)!

My reply:

Isn't it sad that, because posters can't find charters, they often offend ngs out of simple ignorance?

Isn't it sad that a simple chore, such as adding a "charter" link to the sidebar, which would take mere minutes goes undone?

And isn't it wonderful that it is we, the USERS of the appliance, who PAY for the "priviledge," invent the fixes, tools, works-around and magic that makes this LBB more functional and user-friendly?

Isn't it sad we're not only not paid for it, but are almost always ignored by the company we're paying?

THANK you for your tool, and your PageBuilder look up.

Now, if you could ONLY figure out the real identities of nick switchers, this medium of alt.discuss would be ALMOST civilized!

posted by Rogi  # 9/09/2003 12:30:00 AM
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