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Wednesday, September 24, 2003


I ran 5 newsgroups: my "kitchen table" group, antiwar, skepticism, Unitarian Universalism/agnosticism, philosophy.

After the crap I just went through on the "Church" of the larger fellowship UUA email list (see Daily Rogi), I decided to unsubscribe from all UUA.org email lists. This is difficult to do, and each list must be unsubscribed, individually.

Since my CLF experiences, and my recent experiences with the AUUF locally (see Hood Life), and my PAST experiences with other UUA congregations have been so PROFOUNDLY dehumanizing, I made a radical decision.

I decided to delete my MSNTV username, Unitarian_Universalist@webtv.net. That way, I won't have to bother with unsubscribing. Besides, nobody was posting to that newsgroup, anyway.

When I went into the "change users" portion of my account, I looked at my other user names. I thought about the newsgroups I've been operating.

I thought how few people actually post in ANY of them. I thought how much I've been harrassed, trolled, flamed, stalked, email bombed and otherwise not only not acknowledged for my hard work, but how much I've been persecuted for it.

I deleted ALL my user names, except rriverstone.

Apparantly, the issues which I find most important in life matter little, if anything, to other MSNTV subscribers.

I hung in there for months, years. I was hoping some lost souls might wander in and form communications.

When I look at alt.discuss, I see gossip, pornography, flaming, remedial humor and Jesus are the most "popular" groups.

I had hoped to provide some alternative space. But it's not wanted; it's not welcomed. It's resented.

So, all my user names dealing with intelligent discussion are deleted.

No more.

This is a very sad day.
Dear Angela,

Thank you for your support. I'm too exhausted to talk about it any more right now. Also, I can't stand IM.

But, when I'm able/ready, I'll give you a holler by email.

Guess, if u wanna keep in touch w/me, it'll have to b at the rriverstone ng.

I've decided to dump all my extra time and energy there, and into my blogs.

I've also quit all yahoogroups, to cut down spam. And my published email address is now at yahoo. But you can always email me here.

I'm just burned out on ingratitude and hostility from cowardly, anonymous idiots.


posted by Rogi  # 9/24/2003 12:49:00 PM
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