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Saturday, March 26, 2011

brief history of me & html 

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There's a guy on eBay I bought my pent4 from for $125, incl. shipping and insurance. He refurbishes old office pcs. Came loaded with windows, but not office; I got OpenOffice.org, which I like better, anyway. I'll put u in touch, when you're ready. Came w/mouse, kbd, too.

Bert Perchot (sp?) died last year while I was homeless, being robbed. He was Le Fantome on webtv. He owned zbox webhosting, designed for all platforms, incl. webtv.

Just when he died, my original domain, rriverstone dot com (don't click it) came due for renewal. I didn't receive notice and a Chinese person bought it, because it has so many, many links to it, all over the internet, and put Russian child porn on it. I'm an incest survivor, you know.

The new owner, another webtv person who runs another hosting place, Arbor Domains, bought out Bert's zbox from his wife, Roxy (whom I adore). He helped me get http://rogiriverstone.com and transfer all my data there. It's taking me way too long to rebuild everything. Plus, Steve put his own file manager on zbox, and I don't understand it, so it's taking me a long time to learn it. Add to that, I haven't done intensive html since I left webtv.

I was one of the hard-core webtv table artists. You know, that art that can only be seen on webt. I think it should have been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art; it was a completely unique, digital art form.

I learned html because I kept seeing these interesting email signitures in our alt.discuss, fire walled groups. I finally found a tutorial FOR webtv and built massive signatures, that really pissed off computer users when i sent email! LOL. Took forever for THEM to load, though webtv users saw them instantly.

I don't understand PERL, CSS and some other coding, but I can copy and past JavaScript and Flash. Couldn't code it, though.

So, http;//rogiriverstone.com is full of old fashioned, typed-by-hand html coding with lots of bells and whistles. Makes for a clunky, slow-loading and confusing homepage, for computer users. So, I'm redesigning it.

I can still do table art, too. There are gradient graphics online i can use instead of the tags we used to use; just use image files, instead. I like to build machines with clickable links, mouseovers, etc.; toys people can play with. Here's the one of which i'm most proud, and u can c it on pc or webtv. It's my old "F key:" http://www.rogiriverstone.com/links/fkey.html needs work, dead links, etc. 

posted by Rogi  # 3/26/2011 07:12:00 AM


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